At the Edge of the World


You know how it feels like to be at the edge of the world? Being in the westernmost tip of Europe does give that feeling with weathered steep cliffs and boulders against a pitfall of violent raucous waves. Don’t worry, I am not under B.O.B.’s school of thought. As a sane scientist, I pretty much maintain that the world is not flat. But being on the edge of the continent is quite an extraordinary feeling which almost drives a cheesy poetic sentiment. It does show you the limits of land as well as the continuity of the horizon. Quite surreal if you ask me.

Cabo da Roca is a cape that marks the tip of continental Europe in the Atlantic side. It’s got stunning views of the ocean and captivating, towering rock formations by the shores. The plateau on top has a lighthouse and a tourist center/platform bearing this marker which of course says that you are standing on an epic landmark. The rest is an endless expanse of sand and the perennial ice plant which practically invaded the entire vegetation.

Right at the tourist platform, there isn’t much to do but admire the view. You can however hike a little bit up north, get up close with the rock formations, and then carefully descend the rough steep cliffs to reach this beach called Praia da Ursa which is a bit rocky at the coast but with enough sand to lie down on for a tan. It is also littered with mammoth granite boulders which give it an isolated, secluded feel (which is also why nudists are quite comfortable navigating this place). But well, if you are up to some skinny dipping this could be a perfect place to uncheck it from your bucket list. Just saying, not that we did it. In any case, the entire panorama of the coast is just remarkable. This is indeed one of the most unforgettable sceneries I have seen in all of my travels and it has also made me love Portugal more than I used to.

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