Porto, a cidade mais linda do mundo


A recent trip brought me back to the lovely city of Porto, the second largest city of Portugal. It’s one of my favorite cities because it’s super fun, has beautiful ancient architecture, not overwhelmingly huge, culturally unique, and has a big population of international students. People are also extremely friendly and hospitable.

Normally, I would post a handful of photos in this blog but for this trip, I tried something new. I compiled a few clips from the trip and rendered them into a video! I’m a beginner at this so it is a bit iffy but I loved the result and I might do more of this in my next trips. The hardest parts of the job though are the editing and collating which require some patience and effort but it is all worth it. I know I can do better but for now, I think you will have a pretty good tease of what Porto has to offer from this short video. I hope you all like it. Enjoy!



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