Non classé

Photo Journal Entry #1

Taken: March 26, 2018; Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen or should I say, Smurfsville? Morocco’s blue city is the right blend of picture-perfect sky blue hues and that of traditional bucolic terracotta. The painted village was a little bit uphill and the more modern city center is actually, way less blue. I remember we spent a good two hours in the latter thinking that was it because the town hall is there, the main market is there, and all the tell-tale signs of bustling city life. Little did we know that the real deal was another couple of kilometers uphill. We were almost disappointed and about to give up scrambling through the few hints of blue in the centreville, seeing way less and less blue going further. We, however, persisted because we’re not quitters and more importantly, that definitely did not look like what we saw in IG! Then, just abruptly, without any gradual transition, the “real” village manifested with a throng of tourists queueing in pretty alleys and staircases for that moment in the clouds. Needless to say we were rushing towards the end because we already wasted our time in the more modern city center and we had to catch our bus back to Fez. It was memorable nonetheless. Morocco is already colorful as it is… the food, the spices, the people, and the fabrics. Seeing it in this backdrop of heavenly blues with the verdant mountains surrounding all of it empasizes even more strongly the vibrance of Moroccan cities.

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