Non classé

Photo Journal Entry #6

Taken: May 24, 2019; Hallstatt, Austria

Last year, my girlfriend and I went to Austria to celebrate our anniversary. I have been to Vienna way before but I did not know much about the rest of the country. I was completely surprised and amazed to see its mountainous regions whose stunning views rival that of Switzerland. One of them is Hallstatt – a lakeside town sitting prettily beneath the slopes of the Bavarian mountains. I must say, it was one of the most romantic places, if not the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. Getting there from Salzburg was not as straightforward as we had hoped because we needed to synchronize the bus, train, and ferry times but it was kind of peak season so there was a lot of help and information to get by. It was a bit overcrowded but the tourists arrive in groups so the flux comes in waves and thus, we did get several windows to have some streets to ourselves. The views from the winding alleys are difficult to forget. The Alpine houses really match the natural wonders surrounding it. We were blessed with a great weather and the perfect season to get a glimpse of the printemps bloom but still not too late to see some snow left melting its way down the mountainsides like melted ice cream. I was so happy I got to share this moment with the love of my life.

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