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Thinking Out Loud, Musée Rodin

Before coming to Paris, I was not really well versed about Rodin and sculpting in general. But I do am aware of The Thinker (Le Penseur) which is probably one of the most recognizable sculptures in the world. It has always been the symbol of poetry and philosophy and has already appeared in plenty of […]

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The Frozen Series – 1. Neuschwanstein

It’s almost December and the winter air is starting to takeover. When I first came to Europe, I couldn’t wait to experience snow first hand only to be disappointed because it did not come where I hoped it would fall – here in Paris. Apparently, it rarely snows in here so last year, with a few […]

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Blue, White, and Red

Living in Paris can be quite a struggle for a foreigner who could barely sustain a conversation in French. Sometimes, I do admit that the lack of hospitality especially in administrative offices (that are supposed to welcome foreigners) can be a huge deal breaker. It has actually made me curse a few times and question […]