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The Frozen Series – 5. Frederiksborg Castle

It’s the time of the year once again, when the spicy aroma of mulled wine and the vanilla-hinted scent of fluffy waffles dominate the air, at least in the upper hemisphere. It’s time therefore for the winter series! Let’s start this cold season featurettes with a take on the Frederiksborg Castle in Copenhagen. I was […]

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My 5 Best Trips of 2016

The year 2016 was a bit of a hurdle but along the way sprung some amazing moments, too. There are usually two ways to end the year. One is to whine and curse at how crazy the world has been and the other, keeping the tragedies of the year in mind as well as all […]


The Danish Capital

A last minute trip to Copenhagen couldn’t be any more satisfying. I came with only the little mermaid and Andersen in mind but actually, with all the colorful buildings and castles, navigable canals, and pedestrian-friendly streets, that sad little sculpture is the last thing this city should promote. This eye candy of a city is […]