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The Frozen Series – 3. Oslo

Oslo as a modern city is one of the most expensive places in the world – although the city makes up for it by giving the residents a high quality of life. It is also a very compact city gifted with an extensive network of trams so it is easy to go to and fro. […]

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The Frozen Series – 2. Serra da Estrela

Portugal is usually known for its old towns and warm golden coasts but it also has astounding beauty way above sea level. Its highest mainland summit, Torre, on the Serra da Estrela mountain range hosts ski resorts. But the unique thing about this summit is that it is accessible through a normal national road. You […]

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The Frozen Series – 1. Neuschwanstein

It’s almost December and the winter air is starting to takeover. When I first came to Europe, I couldn’t wait to experience snow first hand only to be disappointed because it did not come where I hoped it would fall – here in Paris. Apparently, it rarely snows in here so last year, with a few […]